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In pictures: Al Meera starts removing French products off its shelves

  • Oct 24, 2020
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Qatari supermarket chain Al Meera has started taking French products off its shelves after it announced on Friday that it would withdraw them in line with a boycott call being made by the Arab world on social media.

On Saturday, Khalid Jassem, who tweets at @khalidjassem74, shared photos he said were of Al Meera staff removing French products from the shelves of one its branches in Qatar.


Hashtags on boycotting French products have gone viral in the Arab world, as social media users condemned the "anti-Islam" attitude in the European country following the killing a teacher who showed his class caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.
Some offensive statements made by French President Emmanuel Macron against Islam and Muslims, and his support for the re-publication of the caricature during the memorial service for the murdered teacher, Samuel Bate, has also drawn sharp criticism in the Arab world.


In a tweet on Friday, Al Meera had said, “Dear customers, we thank you for your good comments, which are always a beacon of light that shines our way towards excellence. Therefore, we immediately started withdrawing French products from all our branches until further notice. We affirm that we, as a national company, work according to a vision consistent with our true religion, our established customs and traditions, and in a way that serves our country and our faith and meets the aspirations of our customers."