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Thousands tune in to watch Birds Documentary on Al Rayyan TV

  • Oct 22, 2020
  • Author: QT-Online
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The Birds Documentary, which is broadcast every Monday at 10 pm on Al Rayyan TV, is attracting a large number of viewers and generating a lot of chatter on social media.
The 13-episode documentary shows the life of migratory and resident birds in Qatar, which is home to more than three hundred species.
In the documentary, the wildlife photographer Muhammad Al Baker takes the audience in each episode to different areas where the birds gather.


He documents their life through his special lens and tells the audience about the various preparations that enable him to capture the moments of a bird’s life. In addition, he illustrates photography techniques he uses to create a captivating imagery of the birds.
Baker began his journey in the world of photography in 2017 after having learned the basics from Hussein Ali Al Jaber, the founder of the Photography Association in Qatar.


Encouraged by Jaber, Baker began to read and research about photography. Wildlife photography, which is arguably the most difficult type when compared to others, appealed to him. He began specialising in it since 2018 with the help and guidance of the first Qatari senior monitors and photographers in this field.
The documentary is being produced by Egyptian-French Producer Ashraf Emam and Directed by Czech Director Marvin Jakub.