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QRCS constructs district sewage system in southern Gaza

  • Mar 08, 2021
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Adel Al-Zaanoun, a resident of Gaza, stood in front of his home to watch the workers laying sewage pipelines in his district, waiting for the turn of his home to be connected to the new network, which will put an end to many years of suffering.
“It has been a tragedy over the past decade,” said Mr. Al-Zaanoun. “In my neighborhood, there was no infrastructure at all. The soak pits are hazardous to the population, with its pollution and constantly bad smell”.
Supported by Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) for the benefit of 70,000 people living in southern Gaza City, this activity is part of a project to construct a sewage system in Gaza. It involves laying 7-km wastewater collection and drainage pipelines ranging 6-16 inches in diameter.
The $400,000 project is located in the vicinity of Gaza’s PS11 wastewater pumping station.
Regarding the importance of the project for the public, Eng. Khalil Mohamed Shaqra, Manager of Coordination and Supervision Department at the Gaza Municipality, said it would reduce the pollution and environmental impact of soak pits dug by the community, which made things even worse during the winter.
As soak pits mushroomed, he indicated, the municipality personnel made extensive efforts to solve this problem, despite the lack of financial resources to renovate the local infrastructure.
“By virtue of the new project of QRCS, we will be able to regulate the discharge of wastewater in the area and connection to the PS11 station, inaugurated by QRCS in 2015. This way, we can minimize the environmental risks caused by septic tanks and stop pumping untreated sewage into the sea,” Eng. Shaqra explained.