Thursday, April 15, 2021

Teachers in Qatar urged to avoid airplane travel during mid-summer vacation

  • Mar 04, 2021
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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has called on teachers in the country to avoid airplane travel during the mid-summer vacation in the second semester, according to Al Jasra News.
Airplane travel should be avoided in order for the employee not to be held accountable for not commencing work at the specified dates.
In its circular No.13 dated March 3, the ministry also said no employee would be allowed to enter school premises without COVID-19 vaccination proof or COVID-19 test conducted on a weekly basis. A golden frame or vaccination stamp on Ehteraz smartphone app, or a vaccination card can be furnished as proof for being vaccination.
These measures come as part of the ministry's responsibility to protect students and school stuff and ensure a healthy and safe school environment.
The ministry called on all school employees to take the vaccination on the arranged dates to ensure their safety and the safety of students. The vaccination priority given to school staff will remain valid until the end of March.