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North Korea unveils new submarine-launched missile ahead of Biden inauguration

  • Jan 15, 2021
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North Korea unveiled a new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) at a military parade in Pyongyang on Thursday, and called it the “world's most powerful weapon,” state media reported, days ahead of the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden.
The newly unveiled weapons included an SLBM, labelled the Pukguksong-5 in photos of the parade released by state media, BBC reported.
Defence and military analysts have noted the new missile was outwardly similar to the KN-24, which was test-fired in August 2019. More details about the new missile aren’t available.
North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un on January 9 had said that the country plans to develop more tactical nuclear weapons. The leader also said, “Our external political activities going forward should be focused on suppressing and subduing the US, the basic obstacle, the biggest enemy against our revolutionary development,” adding that the US needs to end its “policy of hostility” to establish new relations with North Korea.
There’s been an unusual development in North Korea’s leadership: At the Worker’s Party politburo meeting on Monday, the name of Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jung Un’s sister, was missing from a new list of the ruling establishment, sending mixed signals to observers of the regime. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, on the other hand, cemented his power after getting elected as the party's general secretary, a position previously held by his late father, Kim Jong II.
US-North Korea relations have been at a standstill after Kim Jong Un’s meeting with President Donald Trump in February 2019 ended abruptly. The meeting ended as the two nations failed to reach an agreement about the extent to which North Korea was willing to give up developing and testing of nuclear weapons in exchange for trade and economic sanctions the US would lift.