Tuesday, January 19, 2021

WHO rules out COVID-19 herd immunity this year

  • Jan 12, 2021
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Scientists at the World Health Organisation warned on Monday that mass vaccinations would not bring about herd immunity to the coronavirus this year, even as one leading drug maker boosted its production forecast.
Chief WHO's scientist Soumya Swaminathan warned it would take time to produce and administer enough vaccine doses to halt the spread of the virus.
"We are not going to achieve any levels of population immunity or herd immunity in 2021," Dr Swaminathan said.
She stressed the need to maintain physical distancing, washing hands and wearing masks to rein in the pandemic.
England, meanwhile, launched the first of its mass-vaccination sites in major cities, racing to get ahead of the rapid spread of a new strain of the disease there.
The pandemic has infected more than 90 million people and the death toll has passed 1.94 million since China confirmed the first death in the central city of Wuhan a year ago.