Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Not a single COVID-19 vaccine complication case in Qatar: Al Maslamani

  • Jan 12, 2021
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Dr Yousef Al Maslamani, Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital, has confirmed that vaccination against COVID-19 until now is optional and Qatar’s approach is to keep the vaccine only a choice for people.
He said thousands of people have received the COVID-19 vaccine in Qatar so far, and everyone is in excellent condition. “None of them have had any complications, and therefore we hope that the vaccination will be done among people,” Al Maslamani told Qatar TV.
He said there are destinations and airlines such as the Australian Airlines that require vaccination as a precondition to board their aircraft.
“Many countries around the world may place vaccination as a condition for entering their territories, especially as this is in interest of their national security to limit the spread of the virus,” he added.
Regarding people who have chronic diseases but are not registered with the Ministry of Public Health for receiving vaccination, Al Maslamani said, “A list of those who have priority in vaccination was prepared by the ministry, and therefore all patients registered with Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Health Care Corporation who have chronic diseases will be contacted to obtain vaccination.”
During the first phase of the vaccination campaign, priority is being given to people who are aged 65 and above, people with multiple chronic conditions and key healthcare staff working in close contact with COVID-19 patients.