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QRCS sponsors major thoracic surgeries in Gaza

  • Jan 03, 2021
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Dr Raed Al-Arini, the thoracic surgery consultant hired by Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Gaza, together with Dr Diego González-Rivas, a globally renowned thoracic surgery specialist, and Dr. Firas Abu Akir, Head of Thoracic Surgery and Endoscopy Department at the Al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem, performed six sophisticated operations at the Al-Shefaa Medical Complex.



These operations included the removal of pulmonary tumors and right superior lobectomy using new technologies for the first time in Gaza.
Dr. Al-Arini said the medical intervention done with the help of Prof. González-Rivas involved surgeries that had never been performed in Gaza, amid the blockade and closure of crossings, which prevented the travel of critical cases for treatment abroad.
He described the visit by the Spanish surgeon as a good opportunity for the local medical staff to acquire intensive practical experience, as he is one of the world’s best physician-endoscopists who is active in many countries.
“Prof. González-Rivas expressed his admiration of QRCS’s program of contracting him under the project of equipping the Specialized Surgeries Building with a state-of-the-art thoracic endoscope, which was used in the six surgeries at the Al-Shefaa Medical Complex,” said Dr. Al-Arini.
During their two-day visit, the Spanish medical delegation delivered an online seminar for 100 Palestinian physicians and many medical students of the Islamic University of Gaza’s (IU-G) Faculty of Medicine.
QRCS and the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) in Gaza are working hard together to develop the thoracic surgical services in the blockade. Over one year, 810 thoracic surgeries were performed at the Al-Shefaa Medical Complex and European Gaza Hospital (EGH). Additionally, there were 180 thoracic endoscopic operations at the Nasser Medical Complex, under the project of supporting specialized surgical services in the Gaza Strip.
With a total budget of $1.4 million, the project also involves such specialized surgical interventions as cardiovascular surgery and orthopedics, training programs such as the Master of Health Policy and Management and Anesthesia and Intensive Care Diploma, and support for phenylketonuria (PKU) patients.