Monday, October 26, 2020

Libsear Field Hospital discharges its last COVID-19 patient

  • Oct 05, 2020
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Catherine W Gichuki 
The Libsear Field Hospital on Monday discharged its last patient who recovered from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Since its opening in May, the hospital which is located in Shahaniya (Dukhan Road), received 1,884 COVID-19 patients.
The 504-bed facility was an initiative of the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defence, aimed to ease the pressure on the other designated COVID-19 hospitals.
Hospital Clinical Lead of the hospital Dr Abdulla Rashid al Naimi said that the hospital was built in a short time by the Ministry of Defense and handed over to MoPH to operate the hospital as part of the efforts to provide medical services throughout the country.  
“We received 1884 Coronavirus patients in Libsear Field Hospital, and they received the necessary treatment according to each patient's needs. We have provided a safe and comfortable environment for all our patients around the clock, as we have allocated a private room for each patient to give privacy to the patient. Today, the last Corona patient was discharged from the Libsear Field Hospital.”
The facility has two main buildings (A and B) and each unit has 252 beds with private rooms with attached bathrooms for recovering patients.
The hospital has over 70 medical staff, including 20 doctors.  Besides, all the patients received mental health support on a regular basis with a special volunteer team of doctors.