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Blended vs online schooling: Once choice is made, parents can’t change it

  • Sep 16, 2020
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Once parents have decided between the blended and online schooling options in Qatar, they can’t change it until the end of the first semester, a senior official of Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) has said.
The ministry on Wednesday gave parents time until next week to decide if they want their children to continue with the blended learning — which combines in-person and remote classes — or switch completely to online learning.
If a parent chooses blended learning, he or she is obligated to do so until the end of the first semester, said Mohammed Al Bishri, the Director of Public Relations and Communication at MOEHE said.
“There are many things that we must provide for the school environment, including transportation, equipment and preparations by the Ministry of Public Health, and there are efforts that fall on the shoulders of the administrative and educational staff and this requires that the parent's choice be final,” he said.
Bishri said the guardian was the best person to know what his child wants. The guardian can decide if his or her son or daughter needs to go to school once or twice a week. 
“This is his choice, and there are those who are satisfied with distance learning,” he added.
In each in-person classrooms, Bishri said, the maximum number of students will be capped at 15 and there will be at least 1.5 metres of space around each student. 
The teacher will stay within a specific area and give lessons, he added.