Thursday, October 29, 2020

Don’t fall for rumours, parents to be informed if school is shut due to COVID-19: Ministry

  • Sep 11, 2020
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If a classroom or an entire school is closed in Qatar as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19, parents of all students who belong to that classroom or school will be informed, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education said on Friday.
In a series of tweets, the ministry said if a classroom or school is indeed closed, studies will continue online.
"A limited number" of coronavirus infections have been recorded in a few schools, the ministry said, adding that they have been dealt with in accordance with the proper COVID-19 protocol and procedures.
The ministry called on the public to ignore rumours about the COVID-19 situation in Qatar and urged them to rely on information disseminated through authorised sources.
It said ministerial teams were continuously monitoring the adherence to the precautionary measures in schools. Students, teachers and other administrative employees of schools are being proactively tested for COVID-19, it added.
Those who test positive are subject to stipulated medical procedures.
The ministry stressed that the Integrated Learning System adopted for this academic year was progressing well and all public and private schools were adhering to the necessary precautionary measures to ensure safety of students, teachers and employees from possible virus infection.
"The educational process in schools, which was launched on September1 through an integrated learning system, is successful and has greatly contributed to reducing mixing in schools and thus reducing the risks associated with Coronavirus infection," the ministry said on Twitter.