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A physiotherapist and a cupping therapist have been booked for working without license in Qatar, the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) said on Sunday.
The duo were working in a private health facility. Reported by the Ministry of Public Health, they have been referred to competent authorities with the Ministry of Interior.  
?The Ministry announced that the violators were reported to the Public Prosecution and necessary legal investigation is underway. In addition, the relevant health facility was reported to the Permanent Licensing Committee of the MOPH where appropriate action will be taken in accordance with Law No. (8) of 1991 pertinent to the regulation of the Allied health professions.
The Ministry of Public Health, represented in the Department of Health Professions, assures safety of patients and the provision of quality health care by monitoring the performance of health practitioners in Qatar and their compliance with the laws governing medical practice across the health sector in Qatar and the policies and directives approved by the competent entities within the Ministry of Public Health.
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