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QATAR has adopted a novel concept to produce organic compost for farmers in Qatar, which will enhance food production in Qatar.
Qatar-based Amwaj Services has been given the rights to produce, use and commercialise the Australian concept BiobiN, which is about recycling food waste to produce organic compost.
Amwaj Services started its pilot project in this regard in Mesaeeid a year ago and now it has started implementing the concept in other areas as well. The project was at Hospitality Qatar, which concluded on Thursday.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Amwaj Services HSE Supervisor Florin Moisuc said that currently they were recycling food waste that came from central kitchens of their clients like Qatar Petroleum, RasGas, Qatar Gas and Qatar Steel.
"After recycling, we produce manure for agriculture which is 100 percent organic. We use it in our gardens, football course and trees among others," he said.
He said that the organic matter that is recycled include food scraps and peels; cake, biscuit and bread; coffee ground and teabags; meat scraps, fats and bones; seafood scraps and oyster shells; egg and egg shells; cheese and yoghurt; citrus; hair; flowers, herbs and plants; paper towel; shredded paper and tissue; and certified decomposable plastic.
He added that different foods are recycled whether cooked or raw in addition to fruits and vegetables.
Moisuc further pointed out that they will soon start producing the manure for the Qatari firms. He added that the farmers in Qatar are positive about the manure.
Talking about the benefits of this organic manure, Moisuc, said,"The compost can help increase production at farms," he said.
The official said that one bin can hold six to eight tonnes of compost.
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