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Fashion designer Giorgio Armani says his career is 'intense' because he has to constantly juggle his workload, although his hectic work life makes him feel energised.
The 83-year-old veteran, who founded his eponymous label in 1975, still loves his job because he thinks it motivates him to"keep going", reports femalefirst.co.uk.
Speaking to Glamour magazine, Armani said:"I like fashion because it forces you to keep going and to observe what's going on around you. This is why I love my job and why I devote myself to it with passion. My days are really intense, but I must say that dividing my attention between many different things is an invaluable stimulus. It gives me energy."
"I still face new challenges with the same enthusiasm I had right at the start. The motivation for this is always the same: to create something that makes a difference, that lasts over time, that responds to a need and expresses an idea of what is beautiful," he added.
The mogul, who has worked with a variety of stars including Richard Gere, Nicole Kidman and Viola Davis, believes creating garments is"simple yet complex" because he has to make a product that will make the wearer"unforgettable".
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