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Police in Frankfurt reported over 100 police and security officers were injured following riots at the Bundesliga match between Eintracht Frankfurt and VfB Stuttgart at the weekend.

A special commission set up after the Saturday incident is also investigating assaults against law enforcement officers, the police said.

“At the current stage of the investigation, 59 injured members of the security service and 57 injured police officers have been recorded by the police. There is currently no reliable information on injured attackers,” the police statement said.

There is “different information and different opinions” on how the violence erupted, Philipp Reschke, an Eintracht Frankfurt board member said.

“In the coming days, we will turn over every stone and put every piece of the mosaic together to get an exact picture of how these scenes could have happened,” Reschke said.

Meanwhile, Ina Kobuschinki, spokeswoman for the organization Der 13.

Mann (The 13th Man), which supports Frankfurt fans when they have legal issues, said that more than 100 fans were injured by police and security officers.

The group criticized what it saw as an “excessive” action from the police.

“Going in like that was simply disproportionate and terrible. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I’ve been going to football games for a very long time. I was there and experienced it. I was shocked. A lot of people were shocked,” Kobuschinki told dpa on Monday.

Police said officers were attacked by fans who threw bottles, pyrotechnics and heavy iron bars. The police made several arrests. In addition, a special commission was set up to “comprehensively and promptly investigate” the events.

The German Police Union (GdP) in the western state of Hesse, where Frankfurt is located, called on the state to take action to better protect officers.

The state interior ministers and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser have been called upon to quickly have an intensive discussion about the increasing violence, the GdP said in a statement on Sunday.

“Anyone ... exercising brutal violence in football stadiums must be consistently and permanently excluded from our football arenas,” explained GdP boss Jens Mohrherr, who said violence at German football stadiums has increased this season.

Hesse’s GdP also called for penalties to be implemented consistently.

“If ‘violent sports perpetrators’ are identified, there must be noticeable consequences,” said Mohrherr, adding that stadium bans must not be “taboo.”

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