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Al Shaqab has announced the launch of ‘Al Shaqab Runs’ - a series of events designed to encourage personal fitness goals. It will kick off with a Run for a cause “Al Shaqab Run in Solidarity with Palestine” on November 22 at 4:30pm at the Al Shaqab territory. The event is designed to raise awareness on the humanitarian cause in Palestine and to raise much-needed funds to support the people who have been enduring significant challenges for many years.

An Al Shaqab release said, “The “Al Shaqab Run in Solidarity with Palestine” is not just a run; it’s a symbol of compassion, unity, and unwavering support for the people of Palestine who have persevered through numerous challenges for years.

The run will see up to 500 participants in different distances ranging from 1km to 5kms. The run will accommodate both Kids 6+ and adults allowing them to choose the distance and enjoy the run. Registration can be done through Q Tickets.

The Run offers a unique opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together, participate, and contribute to a cause that transcends borders and backgrounds. It’s a celebration of humanity and hope.

Money raised during this event will be directed to Qatar Charity to provide much-needed assistance to the people of Palestine. By participating in this event, you’re directly contributing to initiatives that aim to alleviate the challenges faced by the Palestinian population.

Your involvement will make a difference, it’s a chance to show your support for a cause that impacts the lives of countless individuals and families.

Join us in making a positive impact, spreading awareness, and providing support to the Palestinian people. Your presence at the “Al Shaqab Run in Solidarity with Palestine” is a testament to the power of compassion and community solidarity.”

Over the years, Al Shaqab has organized numerous successful events, ranging from equestrian competitions to community fitness challenges. The ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to embrace an active lifestyle and experience the transformative benefits of a healthier and happier life.

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