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DPS-Modern Indian School (DPS-MIS) is hosting the third edition of TEDxYouth to foster ideas worth sharing and to inculcate a spirit of initiative and collaboration among its students.
The event will be held on November 2 at the school and feature five speakers from diverse backgrounds. From discoveries in science to stories of business icons, the event hopes to inculcate in the youth the desire to dream big.
The speakers of this year were carefully curated through an open call, followed by an interview. Featuring the founder of Qatar's most loved networks, I Love Qatar, the event voices the journey of Kh*alifa Saleh al Haroon, or simply 'Mr Q'. With the view of overcoming challenges that the society poses, speaker Maleeha Fatima shares her service to society. Aiming to maximise performance potential, Arvind Rampal intends to share the 'Law of Attraction'.
Other speakers include Salman Nasser, who wants to redefine 'adventure' and Dr Said Ismail, who desires to highlight the importance of the Qatar Genome Programme.
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