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German newspapers issued on Saturday hailed the outcome of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani's visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, and his meeting with HE German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in addition to signing a joint declaration of intent to promote cooperation in the field of energy.
In reported entitled "Largest Exporter in the World... Germany and Qatar Agree on Energy Partnership", the "Magaer Magazine" said that Germany is looking for new sources of energy after the Russian war on Ukraine, and it pins a lot of hope on Qatar. This prompted the two sides to cooperate.
The newspaper added that the German government has entered into a partnership with Qatar in the field of energy amidst its struggle for independence from Russian gas. On Friday, HE Minister of State for Energy Affairs Eng. Saad bin Sherida Al Kaabi signed a joint declaration of intent with Robert Habeck in order to deepen the cooperation between the two sides.
It explained that Germany wants to obtain liquefied natural gas from Qatar, in addition to another cooperation in the field of green hydrogen which is produced using electricity from renewable sources; noting that Germany has made many efforts since the Russian war on Ukraine to distance itself from Russian oil imports.
In this regard, the newspaper referred to the German Chancellors assertion after his meeting with HH the Amir that his country is working on constructing the necessary infrastructure to receive LNG, stressing that this infrastructure will help supply the European countries that do not have a coastal port with liquefied gas. "It is a big step forward, and Qatar is an essential part of our strategy," he said, adding that the foreign ministers of the two countries will meet regularly in the future for further consultations.
The paper also highlighted HH the Amir's statements in which he said that the State of Qatar is a major player in the field of gas and is on the verge of expansion projects in this sector during the years 2026 and 2027. HH the Amir described gas as an important sector and investment, and affirmed that Qatar is one of the largest investors in Germany.
The "Magaer Magazine" added that HH the Amir's talks with the German Chancellor discussed expanding gas supplies in 2026 and 2027, as well as the Afghan file in which Qatar carries out a mediating role with the Taliban. It noted that the German Chancellor extended thanks to HH the Amir for the support provided by the Qatari government to evacuate the German citizens and the Afghan and international parterns from Kabul.
On the other hand, the German Channel One website said in a report that Germany is scheduled to receive LNG from Qatar after the Minister of Economy officially signed the Qatari-German agreement.
The report added that "the energy partnership between the two countries aims to enhance high-level exchange between the two countries or between the two governments, build bridges of cooperation between the two countries, and bring together actors from the public and private sectors," noting that the Qatari Ministry of Energy, in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Climate, are in the process of creating two working groups for this purpose.
The report explained that the LNG and hydrogen working group will work to strengthen trade relations in the region and create a forum to discuss infrastructure issues and regulatory measures; while the second group, which will be concerned with renewable energies, energy efficiency and the expansion of renewable energy, will work on a range of issues such as infrastructure, electricity markets and climate protection. 
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