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The two-day 28th meeting of the GSO Technical Committee for Oil and Gas, organized by the Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology in cooperation with the GCC Standardization Organization, kicked off Tuesday.

The meeting, in which representatives of the national standardization bodies in the GCC countries in addition to oil and gas companies participate, aims to enhance cooperation to reach specifications that meet the needs of the oil and gas sector in the GCC countries in light of the rapid technological development of this sector, which requires follow-up and interaction with organizations and relevant international bodies, most notably the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The GSO’s agenda includes discussing challenges and difficulties facing oil and gas companies in the field of specifications and proposing appropriate solutions for this, reviewing the committee’s plan for 2024 and the proposed timetable for its implementation, presenting the reports of the work teams and subcommittees affiliated with the committee, and presenting the report of the committee’s general-secretariat for the period following its 27th meeting.

The meeting will also review the minutes of the previous meeting and will follow up on the most important recommendations and the executive position of the committee’s plan for 2023.

In addition, the meeting will make a presentation on the Standardization Organization for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GSO), another presentation on the Gulf Downstream Association (GDA), and a report on the activities of the international working group ISO TC67 / WG11/, and a report of the gulf technical sub-committee for petroleum products.

Participants will also listen to the report of the gulf sub-technical committee for natural and liquefied gas specifications, the report of the pipeline and transmission line materials working group, the recommendations of the recent General Committee for Standardization and Technical Council meeting, and a review of the committee’s structure review work team and future strategy, as well as a review of the projects submitted to the General Committee for Standardization and review the committee’s plan for 2024.

In its activities and future plans, the GSO Technical Committee for Oil and Gas seeks to address the challenge facing the GCC countries, which is to meet the increasing demand for energy on the one hand, control costs and reduce environmental damage on the other hand by applying international specifications and means of standardization as well as reviewing and updating Gulf specifications issued in the field of oil and gas industries, so that they are up to date and have high an international level confidence and credibility.

The committee also seeks to conduct studies and research related to the oil and gas industry, follow global and international scientific and economic developments in the fields of energy and the environment, support the competitiveness of the oil and gas sector, and prepare an advanced and integrated information base for the oil and gas industries that helps ensure the progress of sustainable development for this important vital sector.

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