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IN order to support Qatar in its economic development efforts, especially during the blockade, French healthcare products manufacturing companies are set to work with Qatari partners, particularly those dealing in pharmaceutical products, medical electronic devices, e-health system and innovative mobility solution for the disabled people.
As part of efforts to cushion the effects of the ongoing blockade on Qatar's health sector, representatives of leading companies from France met with stakeholders in Qatar on Wednesday.
Speaking at a press conference, Ambassador of France to Qatar HE Eric Chevallier said,"We are impressed by Qatar's ambitious vision in accelerating its development of Qatar during the siege and the way the country is handling the crisis."
The ambassador reiterated his belief that Qatar and France can be active partners in addressing the challenges, hence the visit of French healthcare and health management companies to Qatar.
"Qatar is extremely resilient in facing the crisis. Qatar is committed to further developing its economy, that is why it is welcoming new foreign partners," he said.
Wednesday's forum provided avenue for French companies' representative to meet with officials from Hamad Medical Corporation and other stakeholders in Qatar's private and public healthcare sectors.
"The forum was an opportunity for French companies which have not been established in Qatar to meet with Qatari stakeholders in the healthcare field, law firms. It also provided opportunity for French companies already in Qatar to demonstrate how things work here," the ambassador said.
He added the visiting officials also met with different actors from the healthcare industry to see how new companies in the field of health could contribute to the development of Qatar and its economic relation with France.
The ambassador further said that he was optimistic that the meetings will be fruitful.
"We see positive steps being taken by the Qatari authorities regarding the possibility for foreign companies to come and work in Qatar," he said, adding that, for many years, World Health Organization has ranked France as the best in the healthcare system in the world.
The ambassador said France is not only committed to bringing its expertise in the healthcare sector but also in other sectors."Soon, we will have a delegation involved in sport coming to Qatar. I had a meeting with different stakeholders recently to tell them that in electricity, water, oil and gas, and in many other fields, we have companies interested in contributing to the acceleration of the development of Qatar," he said.
"In food sector, France is very advanced. So, we are working to find ways to contribute to Qatar's efforts in food security. We have already discussed how we can increase partnerships between Qatari and French companies to invest in French firms involved in food production in order to have a special link between Qatar and France," he added.
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