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Dress in performing its function is not limited to protection from heat and cold, but goes beyond that, especially with the development that has taken place in what people wear in our days, where some clothes remain symbolic and refuse to disappear. Every piece of cloth carries the scent of the earth and the warmth of the social environment, and each stitch tells of the skill of the craftsman and the development of his craft through times and ages.

The "Bisht" comes on top of these clothes, which attracts attention, and accompanies Qatari and Gulf men alike on religious holidays and on national and official occasions.

In this context, the researcher in heritage Salma Al-Nuaimi, said in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the Qatari clothing industry is deeply rooted in history, as the Qatari clothing markets were widespread and famous for their coldness and Qatari turbans and were characterized by their softness.

She added: "As for the Bisht industry in Qatar, it was previously woven from soft pile, where the women spun woolen threads very thinly and then woven, after the Bisht fabrics are woven, the decorative ribbon on both sides of the chest and neck from the back is set.

Al-Nuaimi pointed out that the fabrics were previously woven by hand, so they are not wide and do not exceed 110 centimeters in width, so the Bisht is made of two pieces, an upper piece and a lower piece.

Among those who preserved the tradition of Bisht sewing in the traditional way inherited from father to grandfather, Musa Issa Albuhaleqa shop for Bisht in Souq Waqif.

In this context, Ahmed Musa Albuhaleqa, one of the most famous Bisht makers in Qatar, said in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the Bisht is the symbol of attendance at weddings and occasions, as the sons follow their fathers in this deed.

He pointed out that when the customer comes to the shop in order to buy the Bisht, the freedom of choice is his, but the majority of young people seek advice in choosing the most appropriate, according to the occasion they intend to attend, such as marriage, travel, or otherwise.

He stated that some people still had suspicions about colors as colors varies according to different members of society.. the father in his son's wedding ceremony, tries to have the color of his Bisht similar to his son, as well as for the father of the bride, he is keen on a certain color.

For his part, Youssef Musa Albuhaleqa said in a similar statement to (QNA), that the Bisht throughout the ages is the dress of the Arabs and it used to distinguish the Arab person.

In addition, both Youssef and Ahmed Musa Albuhaleqa revealed that the Bisht is the pride of Qatari and Gulf dress, so tourists, whether they are Arabs or foreigners, are keen to acquire it as a souvenir of his visit to the country, and that some acquire it in order to present it as a gift.

They explained that the Bisht needs special attention in order to preserve it, especially in previous times, as it was the dress of every person, men and boys, and the Bisht was expensive, and therefore it is kept for a long period of time that may reach 30 years or even more.

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