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THE Federal Republic of Somalia reaffirmed its neutral stand on the Gulf crisis and renewed its call on the parties of the crisis to work on solving it through dialogue.
This came during a meeting of the Somali Federal Cabinet, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled.
The Council expressed Somalia's adherence to the position announced in June of the Gulf crisis, which is neutrality, and call on the parties of the crisis to work to resolve it through dialogue and diplomatic action.
Somalia's government criticised its three semi-autonomous regions for their rejection of neutrality from the Gulf crisis and cutting ties with Qatar. The Council affirmed that according to Article 54 of the Interim Constitution of Somalia, the federal government alone can take decisions on foreign affairs, defense, citizenship, migration and monetary policy, reiterating its adherence to neutrality in the Gulf crisis.
The three semi-autonomous regions in Somalia have issued statements saying they reject the neutral position announced by the federal government in Mogadishu on the Gulf crisis, announcing the cutting off ties with the State of Qatar. (QNA)
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