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THE Department of Early Education at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has completed a plan to expand the 'Maharati' (My Skills) project for primary schools for the fourth year in a row.
The project has made great progress in improving the language and mathematics skills of the primary school students, the department has said.
After assessing the results of the students of the first cohort and the satisfaction rate of the partners and schools under the 'My Skills' project, 11 primary schools have been selected for the second batch of the project.
It is part of the initiatives to raise the performance of students of grades 1 to 6 in language and numeracy skills.
In this context, the department pointed out that it is currently focusing on the guiding training for schools, as it has an impact on the performance development of teachers and students, with enabling teachers to apply best practices to enhance the language and numeracy skills of students.
As part of the project, school leaders will be empowered by training and mentoring them through workshops and individual mentoring sessions.
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