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Qatar tribune

Khalid Tawalbeh


Expo Doha 2023 opened with a dazzling ceremony on Monday, drawing the participation of more than 80 nations as one of the most significant global gatherings, uniting experts and enthusiasts with a shared passion for environmental, agricultural and sustainability matters.

The world watches with anticipation as Expo Doha 2023 unfolds, acknowledging its pivotal role as a transformative juncture in the relentless pursuit of global sustainability.

For a better understanding of the importance of the event, Qatar Tribune spoke to a group of experts about Expo Doha and their expectations.

Saudi engineer Khalid Al Maliki, an expert in sustainable agriculture, stated: “Our participation in Expo Doha 2023 means highlighting the importance of adopting sustainable and innovative agricultural methods. We are striving to achieve food security for our future with the global population on the rise.

“We expect Expo Doha 2023 to be a unique opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and practices in sustainable agriculture. This event will be an ideal platform for networking with our global counterparts and sharing experiences and knowledge.”

Regarding the significance of this global event, Maliki added, “Expo Doha 2023 promotes cultural exchange and cooperation between countries, encouraging the building of new cooperative partnerships. It is essential that we work together to address global environmental challenges and ensure food security for future generations. It is a golden opportunity to make tangible progress towards a more sustainable and prosperous world.”

Yemeni expert Mohammed Ali Busaidi, specialising in the environment and climate change, emphasised the importance of Expo Doha 2023. He said, “Events like this contribute significantly to conveying messages about the importance of preserving biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions. Through this event, participants and visitors can understand the profound impact that sustainable work in agriculture and the environment can achieve.”

Busaidi added, “Expo Doha 2023 represents a unique opportunity to exchange expertise and knowledge between countries and participants, potentially enhancing international cooperation in environment and sustainability. This event encourages innovation and showcases the latest technologies that contribute to protecting our planet for current and future generations.”

Dr Jameel Al Enezi, a Kuwaiti expert in water sustainability, said: “Discussions at Expo Doha regarding smart water use in agriculture will shed light on how to strike a balance between meeting our food needs and preserving water resources.”

Ali bin Hassan, a specialist in sustainable agricultural technologies, highlighted the remarkable technological revolution in agriculture.

He said, “We are truly living in an astounding technological era for agriculture with rapid advancements. Expo Doha provides us with the opportunity to discuss how technology can play a vital role in increasing our productivity and improving crop quality without polluting the environment.

Dr Saleema Al Foqaha, an expert in urban sustainability, emphasised that highlighting green cities at Expo Doha can inspire the world as a whole.

She said, “Expo Doha represents an opportunity to showcase how cities can be transformed into green and eco-friendly spaces. It can inspire the world on how to implement the concept of green cities and create healthy, sustainable communities.”

“Expo Doha 2023 will also serve as a platform for governments, civil society and experts to work collaboratively towards a more sustainable future for our planet. We can see in this event an unparalleled opportunity to present solutions and innovations that will help address environmental and agricultural challenges,” she said.

Over the next six months, participants will witness further discussions and innovations in the fields of agriculture, environment and sustainability. Ideas and knowledge will be exchanged among experts and participants, and the spotlight will be on the latest technologies and practices that promote a balance between resource utilization and environmental protection.

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