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LONDON Centre For Public Affairs (LCPA), an independent, nongovernmental organisation, has urged British media outlets to be vigilant of the UAE's anti-Qatar sponsored conference titled 'Global Security & Stability Conference' to be held next week, said a LCPA report posted on its website.
The UAE is funding and holding this conference under the disguise of 'Qatari Opposition' where it claims to discuss the future of the country. However, the prime objective of the conference is to isolate Qatar and tighten the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain siege on the country, the LCPA release added.
"LCPA can confirm that a number of British MPs have dropped from the conference following our extensive awareness campaign. We also confirm that a keynote speaker and three academics have withdrawn," the report said.
The centre has communicated with British MPs, Lords and academics as well as many speakers and urged them to drop from this controversial event. The efforts of these countries come amid a tight siege they imposed on the State of Qatar in an unprecedented and medieval manner. Sadly, the UAE and its allies are trying to legalise this siege by all possible means including unscrupulous methods.
The UAE's attempt to hold such conference shows its hypocrisy and double standards.
LCPA has advised British media outlets to be vigilant and question the real motive behind the event. According to the centre, key questions remain unanswered by the organisers. The questions are as follows:
1) Which PR companies are organising this event?
2) Why there is no paperwork and agenda for the event?
3) Why no names of speakers were announced, despite the claim of organisers that hundreds are due to attend and dozens to speak?
4) Who are the Qatari opposition figures? When did they become opposition? Who funds them?
5) Why the UAE ministry of information is securing flights and accommodation for participants?
6) Who is Khalid al Hail? What's his history? Is there any Interpol warrant against him? Has he been criminally convicted before in Qatar for financial crimes?
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