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Company keen to help transform the Nation’s future in its line of dedicated defense and security work

Ever since its inception in 2018, Barzan Holdings has had the interests of Qatar and its people at the heart of everything the organization stands for. This is certainly true as the Nation looks to continue its multi-transformative and highly progressive programs ahead of the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, which at the turn of the calendar page will be just eight years away; indeed, Barzan Holdings will continue to play its rich and detailed part in the transformations.

Barzan Holdings is proud to be an exclusively owned Qatari company; it is proud to be protecting Qatar; and it is proud to be helping preserve the many traditions of Qatar.

Barzan Holdings is helping to revolutionize the State’s defense and security sector. The company’s strong-minded policy on capacity and human development allows them to create lasting value in terms of knowledge advancement and tremendous financial returns for the Qatari economy.

The company operates under three distinct pillars – Investments, Research and Development (R&D) and Strategic Procurement. Through this special triumvirate, Barzan Holdings is steadfastly focused in helping the country become the advanced society it envisions, capable of sustainable development and providing a high standard of living for its people in the 21st century.

Barzan Holdings possesses a diverse financing portfolio that consists of direct investments, early-stage venture capital investments and indirect investments. Collectively, these deals generate substantial financial returns for Qatar via the creation of innovative technologies, acquisition of intellectual property, knowledge transfer and pivotal partnerships.

R&D is a paramount part of the company’s operations, and Barzan Holdings has a specialized team to oversee this area. Through collaborations with specialist defense and security companies across the world, Barzan Holdings helps Qatar progress its R&D capabilities in the defense and security sectors. The deals that are sealed are structured to facilitate and develop homegrown innovative technologies to provide a secure future for the State and its allies. The company’s expanding R&D ecosystem includes a dedicated R&D space of approximately 40,000 sqm featuring a trailblazing technical facility in Qatar’s premier innovation and technology hub – Qatar Foundation’s Qatar Science & Technology Park – ideally located close to the State’s acclaimed university belt.

As a commercial gateway for the Nation’s defense and security industry sectors, Barzan Holdings is constantly seeking the best-in-class operators and promising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to partner with and construct a tailor-made and robust defense and security industry in Qatar. Focusing on large and high-value procurements provides additional value for the Nation by driving efficiencies in delivery and execution that address the requirements of the sector.

As a holding company, Barzan Holdings actively creates and controls multiple subsidiary firms to meet the defense sector’s specific needs and provide Qatar with both financial and strategic benefits. Its work creates sustainable value by identifying and partnering with leading organizations around the globe. These collaborations include many of the most renowned, pioneering businesses operating within the defense and security industries. This allows Qatar to acquire and develop the most innovative technologies and best practices to secure self-sufficiency in national protection. Such partnerships also open new and rich revenue streams for the Nation.

Capacity building and human advancement are fundamental to the company’s strategy to create a knowledge-based economy in Qatar. Enhancing local expertise in the defense and security sectors via educational alliances and R&D helps the company’s staff reach their full potential and this is integrated into its operations. Barzan Holdings credit their multitude of success stories to their initiative-taking and collaborative team, which features experts and some of the State’s finest minds who are all totally determined in ensuring that Qatar can meet and defeat any challenges it may face now and in the future.

The values that Qatar strives to preserve and protect are the selfsame values that Barzan Holdings holds firm too. And it will always be proud and honored to mirror this maxim.

Barzan Holdings is transforming tomorrow, and ultimately transforming the future of Qatar.
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