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Qatar tribune

Khalid Tawalbeh


The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau (CSGDB) has unveiled its latest electronic initiative — the “Iskan” portal — with the aim of serving both government employees and property owners.

This momentous announcement was made during a press conference on Monday.

The role of the Housing Management division within the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau is responsible for crafting meticulous and optimal usage policies concerning government buildings and residential units.

Their responsibilities extend beyond policy formulation. They oversee the diligent execution of the policies following their approval. Moreover, the division conducts an in-depth analysis of the government entities’ requirements for government-owned buildings and residences.

The introduction of the ‘Iskan’ portal marks a pivotal advancement in the realm of government property management. It signifies a commitment on the part of CSGDB to enhance service delivery for employees and property owners across the state.

In a speech, Jassim Talfat, the dedicated Director of Employee Housing, confirmed comprehensive insights into the process of government employees’ housing requests through the “Iskan” portal.

Talfat underscored the portal’s pivotal role in simplifying the selection of appropriate housing units for each employee.He elucidated how employers can efficiently input data and engage directly with the request management system.

The conference also offered illuminating discussions on the allocation and modification processes that employees can readily execute through the user-friendly portal interface.

The official launch of the “Iskan” portal represents a significant stride forward in the quest to streamline and enhance the provision of housing to government employees and property owners.

This technological leap is poised to dramatically simplify procedures and elevate the overall experience for all beneficiaries.

The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau stands as a cornerstone of effective governance, providing a wide array of essential services that contribute to the smooth functioning of the government machinery.

At its core, the bureau is responsible for formulating and implementing policies that govern government buildings and residential units. Their meticulous work ensures that these policies are not just well-crafted, but also efficiently executed, promoting the optimal utilization of valuable government properties.

It also conducts comprehensive analyses of the unique requirements of government entities, enabling them to tailor policies and plans that align with these specific needs.

Beyond property management, it plays a vital role in advancing the welfare of government employees. With dedicated divisions like the Employee Housing division, they develop innovative solutions such as the “Iskan” portal, which simplifies housing requests and enhances the overall experience for government workers.

Their commitment to modernization and efficiency extends to every facet of public service delivery, making the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau an indispensable institution in the pursuit of a more responsive and effective government.

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