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DOHA After using sports, Hajj pilgrimage, media and social media as tools to settle political differences with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, which is leading a bloc of four Arab nations imposing an unjust blockade on Doha, has now turned to arts to tarnish the image of Qatar.
Saudi Arabia has been using leading singers of the region to spread lies against Qatar and even send threatening messages.
This malicious move by Riyadh has caused resentment in the Arab world, especially among Arab music lovers.
In a song entitled"Alam Qatar" or"Inform Qatar", a group of Gulf artistes attacked Qatar, saying"they are responding to what they claimed to be excesses by Qatar against Saudi."
Many Gulf singers including Rabah Saqr, Walid al Shami, Abdul Majid Abdullah, Majid al Mohandes, Asil Abu Bakr, Rashed al Majid and Mohammad Abdo are part of the song.
These singers used to visit Doha regularly to participate in festivals or to sing in private parties and weddings. It is ironic that most of them glorified Qatar and praised its policies in the past.
Songwriter Turki al Sheikh, an adviser at the Saudi Royal Court, wrote the song.
Responding to"Alam Qatar" song, Ahmed bin Saeed al Rumaihi, Director of Information Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tweeted under the hashtag"teach them Qatar".
"We stick to our ethics and stay away from the minor acts, and let them slander using their media to disgrace others (teach them Qatar)," Rumaihi tweeted.
Al Jazeera anchor from Algeria Khadija ben Qana mocked the song:"Qatar completes world class port to break the blockade, Saudi Arabia completes Alam Qatar"
Kuwaiti writer Rawan bin Hussein criticised Saudi artiste Abdul Majid Abdullah for participating in the abhorrent song, stressing that her respect for Abdullah has ended.
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