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Qatar tribune

Dr Al Khulaifi added that as part of the implementation of the agreement, the Iranian frozen funds in the Republic of Korea were transferred to Doha accordingly. He said Qatar will commence the activation of the humanitarian financial channel.

He considered the implementation of this agreement an indicative of the status of the State of Qatar as a trusted international partner in

mediation field and a vindication of confidence of all parties in Qatar’s neutrality and impartiality. It also represents a new success to be further added to the remarkable successes of Qatari diplomacy in

several regional and international files.

Dr Al Khulaifi expressed Qatar’s hope that the full implementation of the agreement between the United States and Iran will lead to greater understandings that include return to the joint and inclusive action plan.

He reaffirmed Qatar’s commitment to supporting all regional and international efforts aimed at achieving security and stability in the region.

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