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Qatar tribune

Khalid Tawalbeh


In a remarkable endeavour to cultivate a profound sense of national pride and identity among the Indonesian youth residing in Qatar, the Indonesian Embassy in Doha organised the second edition of the ‘Civic Course’. Held from September 10 to 15, the initiative served as an occasion of cultural and intellectual exchange, uniting more than 40 Indonesian teenagers living in Qatar.

Over the course of the six days, these young individuals immersed themselves in a dynamic array of discussions and activities, delving into crucial themes such as Indonesia’s core ideology of Pancasila, the nation’s awe-inspiring natural landscapes, religiosity, and the role of young Indonesians in the global context.

This introduction sets the stage for an exploration of an event that epitomises the embassy’s resolute commitment to nurturing and transmitting national values and principles, transcending geographic boundaries and generations.

The series of discussions commenced with an impactful session titled “Nationalism and Indonesian Youth,” led by Dr Anto Mohsin, a distinguished faculty member from Northwestern University in Qatar. During this enlightening session, Dr Anto explored the historical roles of youth and how young Indonesians can actively contribute to addressing future challenges.

Another notable session was conducted by Putri Handayani, an employee and accomplished mountain climber, who discussed Indonesia’s extensive natural landscapes. In addition to addressing environmental stewardship challenges within Indonesia, participants actively shared their viewpoints and engaged in meaningful exchanges.

After five days of intensive and enlightening discussions, the event concluded with a closing address by the Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar HE Ridwan Hassan.

This was followed by a special guest lecture delivered online by Dr Darmansjah Djumala, a member of the Expert Council of Indonesia’s National Agency for Fostering Pancasila Ideology (BPIP) and former Indonesian Ambassador to Austria.

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