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Spanish adventurer Santiago Sánchez Cogedor is planning to walk all the way to Doha from Madrid to attend FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
Cogedor met Ambassador of Qatar to Spain HE Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Hamar before the start of his journey from Madrid, Qatari embassy in Spain said in a tweet.
Al Hamar received Sánchez on Tuesday to wish him luck on his long journey from Madrid to Qatar.
According to news website Ruptly, Sanchez, a 42-year-old adventurer who loves sports, started walking from the Matapinonera Stadium in Madrid's San Sebastian de los Reyes on Saturday heading to Qatar.
"The trip will be a journey that will make me a better person, a better human being. It will be continuous learning, nights in loneliness, and I want to share that with the people I am with," Cogedor commented.
Sanchez went to Saudi Arabia by bicycle before, this time he will complete his trip walking. He will be carrying his suitcase with wheels behind him. In his suitcase, Sanchez has a gas stove, water purification tablets and his tent, in which he will sleep during his 11 month journey to reach Qatar.
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