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An exception has been granted to students studying in grade 12 in public schools and grades 11 and 12 in private schools to attend in-person classes, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced.
The exception also applies to students with special needs and students of specialised schools, the ministry said, noting that the decision to attend the classes rested with the students and their parents.
However, the number of students attending an in-person class cannot exceed 50 percent of the classroom’s capacity, it added.
“Taking into account the interests of our students, it was decided to adopt physical attendance for the following year groups as an exception at a rate of 50% of the school capacity and according to the choice of the students and their parents,” the ministry said on Twitter on Sunday.
Earlier this month, the ministry had suspended in-person classes in all public and private schools, as well as kindergartens until January 27 due to increase in COVID-19 cases in Qatar.
The exceptions were made after factoring in the interests of the students, the ministry said.

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