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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has launched the updated e-library system, following completion of its development, to become an integrated e-library to managing library operations and plays its educational role in line with the ministry's objectives.

The Director of Curriculum and Learning Resources Department Reema Abukhadija said that e-library system comes within the framework of continuous development and utilization of digital technology to enrich teaching and learning, noting that this system allows beneficiaries to browse e-books, use digital databases, and facilitate the provision of educational videos and films that support the curricula, providing an appropriate environment for self-learning, research, investigation and knowledge increase in curricular topics.

She explained that the e-library system also enables the specialists of the Learning Resources Department to follow up the educational, technical and administrative processes in the learning resource centers in schools, and to extract statistical reports for each school or group of schools according to specific determinants such as stage or gender, as well as providing schools with electronic resources, and following up on their activation.

The electronic library includes a large number of resources, and allows beneficiaries to access 11 global databases available through the Qatar National Library, while its system consists of three main portals: system administration, web page, files and bulletins.

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