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Dr Hamad Al Rumaihi, Director of the Health Protection and Communicable Diseases Control Department, has said not a single case of the new COVID-19 variant "Omicron" was detected in Qatar.
Speaking to Al Rayan TV on Sunday, Al Rumaihi said the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) is monitoring all cases and no case with new variant has been detected so far.
“The new COVID-19 variant is expected to spread in more countries and so far more than 10 countries have confirmed cases with this mutated virus,” he said.

Al Rumaihi added, “The situation in Qatar is stable, because we have reached a vaccination rate of more than 85 percent.”

For the booster dose, Dr  Al Rumaihi revealed that there is a high turnout of individuals to take the third dose, noting that during this week about 35,000 doses were given.

He also called on the public not to pay attention to rumours. He said the ministry has a programme to monitor the side effects of the doses, and so far, there are no serious complications reported in Qatar.

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