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Maneesh Bakshi
FOR Dr Dev Kaji Dangol, a Nepali who has been residing in Qatar for the past 25 years, the goodwill that Qatar has earned for its kind and constructive approach, will help it overcome the current crisis.
Dr Dangol who arrived in Doha way back in 1993 recalls how from a community of handful of people, the Nepalese community emerged to become the second largest community in the country. According to him, today Qatar is one of the most favourite foreign destinations for Nepali workers.
Talking to Qatar Tribune recently, he said:"Qatar is one of the most sought after countries for Nepali workers seeking jobs overseas for it is considered to be one of the safest and the most liberal countries in the Gulf."
He added:"Nepali expat workers in Qatar are contributing significantly to their country's economy by sending billions of dollars in terms of remittances every year. Their families back home are better off today, thanks to Qatar. Qatari employers in general consider Nepali workers as hard working."
He further said:"Every Nepali stands with Qatar and supports the decision of its government in the current crisis. The honour of Qatar is our honour too."
According to him, the Nepali community understands the stand taken by Qatari leadership against injustice and firmly believes that every country has the right to protect its self-respect and dignity.
"I personally feel that all expatriates irrespective of their nationalities must unite to support Qatar so that a right message may be conveyed to the outside world," Dr Dangol added.
A doctor by profession and post-graduate in Pediatrics from Vienna University, Austria, Dr Dangol can speak English, German and Arabic with great ease. He is a household name in Nepali community because of his active participation in community events and affairs.
"I came to Doha at a time when there were no flights to Nepal from Doha. Even the Nepalese embassy was not there. However, today there are over 1,000 successful Nepali businessmen managing small to medium size enterprises in Qatar. There are over 20 restaurants run by Nepali owners and there are many qualified technical professionals employed in all domains," he said.
Dr Dangol also recalled the period when there were no money exchange houses dealing with Nepali currency and people had to resort to the illegal practices of 'Hawala and Hundi' to send their savings to their families."Today with the help of reforms such as Wage Protection System (WPS) all such practices are completely gone," Dr Dangol said.
"We are thankful to our host nation for their friendly outlook and a long cooperation extended to our people and to our country. As I say all this, my memories of Qatar make me emotional. And, I know that most of the Nepali expatriates in Qatar will also share my view," he concluded.
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