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Rotten beef from a restaurant kitchen in Doha has led municipal authorities in Qatar to nearly 6 tonnes of spoiled frozen fish and meat stored across 14 warehouses in Industrial Area.
Last Thursday, the health and municipal control departments of the Doha Municipality seized 140 kilograms of rotten beef from a restaurant in Old Airport area. 
Subsequent raids carried out in its wake resulted in the seizures of 5,872 kilograms of frozen meat and fish unfit for human consumption from 14 warehouses and refrigerators belonging to the same company in Industrial Area. The confiscated fish and meat, weighing a total of 6,012 kilograms, has been destroyed.
The inspectors found that the means of transportation used was “not designated for transporting these materials”.
Several “seizure reports” have been issued under Law No. 8 of 1990 and legal measures taken against the violator. 
Recently, a huge quantity of rotten frozen fish was seized by municipal authorities during a raid in one of the warehouses in Industrial Area. The Doha Municipality, which organised the raid, said the fish was “unfit for human consumption” and the packets that contained them were unlabelled.

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