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Divya Dutta has given full support to the forthcoming movie Phullu, which attempts to create awareness around sanitary napkins for women.
"I am here to give all my support to the beautiful film called Phullu. This one topic is the story of every household but nobody raises it," Divya said in a video message.
"The women's issue raised by the movie is about sanitary napkins. Even today when we say we have moved forward a lot, this one issue persists. It still makes women hitch when they talk about it openly," she added.
Directed by Abhishek Saxena, the movie features Sharib Ali Hashmi, Jyoti Sethi and Nutan Surya. It is produced by Pusha Chaudhary, Anmol Kapoor, Kshitij Chaudhary and Raman Kapoor in association with AmbiAbhi Production.
It will release on June 16.
The film's story is based on the life of an uneducated man named Phullu, who stays with his mother and sister in a small town and is famous for not doing any work other than helping the women of his village by getting them things from the city. An event during his journey makes him realise the issues women go through during their menstruation.
Filmmakers seem to be making strides towards spreading awareness around the lack of awareness around sanitary napkins. Even Akshay Kumar is doing a film titled Padman.
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