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Qatari honey brand Asala, which specialises in producing and providing premium Yemeni honey, honey confectioneries, and Middle Eastern Honey, has unveiled its latest offering Ora Manuka Honey. The new product is available at Gold Gourmet in The Pearl-Qatar, City Center and in Asala boutiques in Villaggio, Doha Festival City and Mall of Qatar.
Manuka Honey, produced in New Zealand, comes from the nectar of Manuka flowers, and is renowned for its healing properties, and its rich distinctive flavour. Ora Manuka honey has been scientifically proven to possess powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
What sets Ora Manuka Honey apart, is that its UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is active. UMF Manuka honey has been tested and certified to have a specific level of antibacterial properties effective against most types of bacteria, and is immune to the effects of heat and light during storage. UMF active honey has been utilised by many medical professionals around the world in the treatment of wounds, skin and stomach ulcers, and is proven to be beneficial for oral hygiene and as an energy source to enhance the body's stamina.
Asala Honey has quickly grown to become one of Qatar's leading honey brands. Sourced from the best regional and international hives, Asala Honey is 100 percent pure and available in a variety of flavours wild flowers, acacia, lavender, rosemary, oak, chestnut, sunflower, manuka, multi-flora and golden nectar packaged in the finest of jars and canisters.
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