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Qatar tribune

It discussed the radical transformations taking place in the region’s markets and the huge development of emerging and medium-sized companies in a short period in terms of entrepreneurship and keeping pace with the technological revolution and digitization. It also reviewed the Gulf expansion in initiatives to develop entrepreneurial skills, including business incubators and accelerators and financing facilities to enable owners of small and medium enterprises to enter new markets.

Moreover, the forum discussed the best ways to manage inflation, enhance long-term productivity and economic growth, and ways to raise workers’ salaries and allowances without causing a deep and long-term recession.

It also explores the best investment strategies in emerging markets, paving the way toward the most viable growth options for investing in today’s volatile global markets. It touched on the future of globalization and the global trade, the impact of changing geopolitical interests on cross-border trade, and ways to develop direct trade between the countries of the South in a world characterized by more assertive economic management and deglobalization.

Concerning energy transition, the forum discussed ways to direct the global green energy transition and sustainable business efforts in the right direction by avoiding the worst scenarios of climate change, warning that energy transition policies will discourage investment in fossil fuels and lead to scarcity of natural gas in the next decade, including in Europe.

The forum covered other topics such as tourism, sports, artificial intelligence, and other modern technologies. The forum witnessed the signing of eight agreements and memorandums of understanding.

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