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Malaysia’s Minister of Economy Rafizi Ramli affirmed his country’s desire to strengthen and deepen cooperation with Qatar in various fields, looking forward for bilateral relations between the two countries to witness further development.

In remarks to QNA, Rafizi Ramli said that work is underway to building strong relations between the two countries, especially in the fields of energy and food security, pointing that there are numerous opportunities for integration between the two countries, in the aforementioned fields.

He pointed to his government’s work to establish cooperation with the State of Qatar by signing a number of agreements covering areas of economic cooperation that contribute to achieving integration between the public and private sectors in the two countries, and networking interests between the two parties.

He pointed out that the two countries sought to put in place the appropriate legislative framework in order to establish solid partnerships between them, expressing his aspiration to increase the volume of bilateral trade exchanges.

The Malaysian minister affirmed his country’s desire to attract more Qatari investments, pointing to the great support for these investments which are estimated at about USD 2 billion.

He said in a related context that his country wants to benefit from the Qatari experience, especially in the field of food security, and seeks to open the way for more Qatari investments in the Malaysian market.

On the concessions offered by his country to attract more Qatari investments, the Malaysian official noted the diversity of investment opportunities it offers to business owners, especially as it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, in addition to its geographical location, which makes it at the heart of a huge market that exceeds 600 million consumers.

Ramli recalled the contributions of the Malaysian workforce to enhancing cooperation between Qatar and his country, praising the success witnessed by the 3rs Qatar Economic Forum, that provided the opportunity for exchanging experiences and forging partnerships between a number of parties, inside as well as outside Qatar.

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