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Qatar tribune

The amendment aims to achieve flexibility in implementing the decisions issued by the regulatory authority’s board of directors.

A draft agreement between the government of Qatar and the government of Bangladesh on mutual administrative assistance in the customs field also got the Cabinet’s approval.

A draft agreement between the government of Qatar and the Oriental Republic of Uruguay on the elimination of double taxation with regard to taxes on income and the prevention of tax avoidance and evasion also got the nod.

The Cabinet also approved a draft memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation in the fields of health between the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Qatar and the Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Hungary.

Sixth, the Cabinet reviewed the following topics and made the appropriate decisions in their regard: 1- The financial statements and audited accounts of Qatar International Court (civil and commercial court) and QFC Regulatory Tribunal.

2- The annual report of the Standing Committee for Rescue and Relief Operations and Humanitarian Aids for Areas Afflicted by Catastrophes in Brotherly and Friendly Countries.

3- The results of the Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety.

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