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Qatar tribune

The Qatari beach volleyball team of Cherif Younnouse and Ahmed Tijan (world ranked 7th) was drawn in Group Two for the Czech Ostrava Tour, one of the 5-star Elite16 tours for men and women, to be heldfrom May 31 to June 4 with the participation of more than 74 teams from 23 countries.

The second group includes the Dutch duo of Brewer & Meusen, and the Swedish duo of Ahman & Helvig, along with a fourth team that will qualify from the qualifiers.

The Qatari national team seeks, through its participation in the tournament, to collect the largest number of classification points that qualify directly for the next Olympic Games (Paris 2024).

The Qatari national team will start its matches in the Czech Ostrava tour on June 1 facing the fourth team from the qualifiers, then will play two matches the next day against the Breuer and Meusen, and against Halman and Helvig.

Younousse and Tijan had won the bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and have achieved many distinguished results in recent years. (TNN)

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