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Gallery Five Trading and Contracting Company has unveiled the most attractive fun and educational adventure for all family members especially the kids in Qatar with Dugong Playground Adventure. This new educational indoor playground experience fully customisable based on customer needs, designated for children who love adventure-cum-fun.

Dugong Playgrounds Adventure sets are designed for family fun and are popular here in Qatar. Families have a lot of choices considering the many options in this in-house and outdoor playground, as the most significant for these attractions are families with children age 2 to 18.

While these Dugong playgrounds often have kid-friendly rides, they also achieve truly family-friendly amusement parks that create play areas for our lovely little family members in our own designated houses.

Dugong Adventure is more than fun and play. This playgrounds and toy pieces are meticulously designed to provide cognitive learning and growth to your children while maintaining the exclusivity of your custom made set in the comfort of your own home. Dugong Adventure makes a brilliant family day out, as parents can be the double win of sneaking in some education along with the fun.

Dugong Adventure sales team assists families to in the installation to create the perfect wonderland for lovely little ones. This playground has fun and safety all in one! Gallery Five Trading and Contracting has invited children and families to interact with the fun behind the education and safety.

With parents always hoping to entertain their kids, it’s no surprise that Dugong Adventure playgrounds are one of the most popular attractions in Qatar now. There are several in-house and outdoor attractions in the country that offer an amazing range of facilities for families and visitors, but Dugong Adventure playgrounds are absolutely unique!Families with kids are invited to experience it on Wednesday and Thursday, which are the last two days of “Build Your House” Exhibition at Qatar National Convention Centre, Booth 8-AO24 Gallery Five.

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