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Gallery Five Trading & Contracting Group, the leading contracting design firm in the GCC, announced the launch of its exclusive EC7 as the first product of its kind in Qatar that meets the aspirations of those looking for absolute luxury and comfort in the use of mobile homes that are resistant to changing environmental and weather conditions.

This advanced and luxurious EC7 mobile homes allow seamless mobility with the latest developed ecosystem capabilities for users who want to create a smart office system, or create a private Arabic ‘majlis’ with features and interfaces that interact with the surrounding environment in a modern way, featuring new characteristics like heat reduction and electricity savings when used at home or at outdoor camping areas, deserts or farms.

The launch of the EC7 exclusive product in Qatar brings Gallery Five Group one step closer to realizing its vision of manufacturing smart offices with “Borderless Creativity and Seamless Creative Excellence”.

On this occasion, Pegasus Wong, chairman of Qatar Gallery Five Trading and Contracting Group, said: “EC7 is ideal for a variety of tasks because of its modular architecture, which allows for modification. The concept of EC7 is absolutely an eco-friendly lifestyle evolving to include health and wellness. The launch of this exclusive EC7 in Qatar makes Gallery Five Group one step closer to realizing its vision of manufacturing smart offices/houses in line with the principle of “Borderless Creativity and Seamless Creative Excellence”.

The group was keen to launch this exclusive product in a creative and luxurious way in line with the vision and desire of those who seek for distinction and unique modern elegance.ECHome, or EC7, makes its distinguished users feel completely comfortable and the absolute luxury. These modern homes are so luxuriously equipped that they are “mobile palaces on mobile wheels”.

Smart building materials in EC7 represent an important element in supporting the green environment and applying the principles of green architecture, taking advantage of nanotechnology applications. Smart building materials are different from traditional building materials and are more diverse in their shapes, characteristics and uses in the building. The materials for EC7 are resistant to weather fluctuations and can stay effective for up to 30 years.

The walls and windows used in EC7 are smart and the glass can change its properties according to the needs of the users of the building. The windows can isolate dust and sand grains, and analyze any variables inside or outside the building such as lighting and vibrations, helping the EC7 system control the building services.

“We can proudly say that the materials used in EC7 facility are capable of responding to environmental changes. They change their properties or composition intelligently in response to the climatic changes to create a convenient environment for its users,” said the company in a press statement.The launch marks the luxury Portable ECHome’smulti-entry into Qatar and its exclusive presence in the GCC

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