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Qatar, United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and  Norway, collectively representing 40 percent of global oil and gas production, will come together to form the Net Zero Producers' Forum, Qatar's Minister of State for Energy Affairs HE Saad Sherida Al Kaabi has announced. 
The cooperative forum that will develop pragmatic net zero emission strategies that include methane abatement, advancing the circular carbon economy approach, development and deployment of clean-energy and carbon capture and storage technologies, diversification from reliance on hydrocarbon revenues, and other measures in line with each country's national circumstances, he added.
"Qatar is pleased to be among this distinguished group of signatory nations that will undertake this unique cooperative endeavor to develop net zero emission strategies. We believe that our engagement in this forum is an important mission consistent with, and supported by, our ambition to create a better and more sustainable future for humanity,” Kaabi said in a statement.

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