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THE Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (DAUP) at Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG) recently organised the 'Legacy of Zaha Hadid' event.
The event aimed to celebrate the life and work of Zaha Hadid, who passed away a year ago and to highlight her impact on architects, especially female and Arab architects and students.
It also aimed to empower and inspire young architects and students to develop their own architectural practices and to strengthen ties between QU-AIAS chapter and the AIA Middle East.
Attendees included CENG Dean Dr Khalifa al Khalifa, DAUP Acting Head Dr Fodil Fadli, QU Center for Advanced Materials Director and Assistant Professor at CENG Department of Civil Engineering Dr Nasser Abdullah al Nuaimi, Assistant Professor at DAUP and main organiser of the event Dr Anna Grichting, MME Development, Research and Capacity Building Coordinator Dr Ali al Raouf and members of AIA Middle East, CENG faculty, students and staff, as well as local architects and practitioners.
Keynote speaker Raya Ani, architect, president of the American Institute of Architects Middle East and founder and design director of RAW-NYC Architects, gave a presentation entitled 'My Story with Zaha'.
She gave an overview of her journey with Zaha Hadid over the last decades and presented Zaha Hadid's work, highlighting how it influenced her work and designs and empowered her as a woman to establish her own business.
The programme's agenda included a presentation on QU-AIAS chapter delivered by the association's President Mariam al Darwish, a panel discussion on 'Women in Architecture in the Gulf and the Middle East' moderated by Dr Anna Grichting and the launch of QU-AIAS chapter's Design Competition in honour of Zaha Hadid.
In his opening remarks, Dr Khalifa said:"It is our pleasure at CENG to be part of this event that provides students with the opportunity to meet and discuss with experts and to explore the latest innovations in the field of architecture and urban planning."
Dr Khalifa added:"By participating in such event, our students are engaged on learning and professional development, which will enhance their skills, knowledge and capabilities towards success. This demonstrates CENG's ongoing efforts to provide students with a wide range of activities and practical experiences designed to prepare them for employment in the engineering sector."
Dr Fadli said:"It is always a great pleasure for us at CENG Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (DAUP) to see our students strive for excellence in the field of architecture and urban design. Encouraging them to organise and lead such events contributes to nurturing their passion for the profession and legacy of great architects from the region and worldwide."
Darwish said:"The event is an opportunity for architecture students to be inspired by Zaha Hadid's role as a female architect who established her own philosophy in art and architecture. It also gave our students the chance to meet with other successful architects in the field of architecture and to learn from their experiences and knowledge."
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