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THE Academic Bridge Program (ABP), a centre that operates under Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development's (QF's) pre-university education, organised its annual alumni gathering, recently.
The ABP Alumni Gathering is aimed at creating an opportunity for the alumni to meet and share their experiences. It also enables ABP to follow the success of its graduates and celebrate their achievements.
After opening comments by the ABP Director Dr Bryan K Lewallen, and ABP's Assistant Director for Student Services Moza al Boainain, a panel discussion was held. The panel was made up of five ABP graduates from the classes of 2004, 2006, 2009, 2014 and 2015.
Representing ABP's Class of 2004 on the panel was Dr Buthina al Mulla, who went on to study at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (Class of 2011), and then received a Master of Health Management in Strategic Management and Leadership from City University of London in 2014. Dr Mulla is currently an Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor at Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha. Naif al Kaabi, who represented Class of 2006, is currently the head of Qatar Petroleum's recruitment division.
Boainain said that a number of ABP graduates have reached 2,800 so far. They have successfully enrolled in prestigious universities. She mentioned that there is feedback from the universities in Education City that the students who graduated from ABP are academically stronger than their peers and have more abilities to graduate from university.
She also confirmed that the programme has agreements with many universities in Britain, the United States and Germany, which recognise the year spent by a student at ABP as a foundation year.
Alumni Night has become a successful annual ABP event. (TNN)
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