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Acquiring problem-solving skills from an early age is vital to building a strong foundation for critical thinking and innovation in the future, enhancing students’ scientific abilities and motivating them to explore scientific topics.

In this context, Qatar University’s (QU) Young Scientists Center (YSC) has launched the 6th Cycle of the Problem-Solving Programme, with the participation of 13 primary schools in Qatar. The centre is a pioneer in providing innovative educational programmes and important educational initiatives to enhance students’ abilities.

As part of the programme, students receive the necessary educational resources during workshops at the school laboratories. The problem-solving programme is characterised by an engaging and enjoyable educational method that allows students to learn the essential skills they need to succeed in the future, such as thinking, analysis, testing, teamwork, communication and innovation skills.

This cycle is distinguished by the inclusion of the Audio Education Complex for boys, and support and guidance will be provided to them to ensure efficient implementation of the programme in a flexible and suitable learning environment. This step aims to provide equal educational opportunities for all and promote active learning in addition to raising awareness of the educational challenges faced by individuals with hearing disabilities and the need to involve them in all initiatives.

Director of the YSC Prof Noora Al-Thani expressed her happiness with launching the cycle, affirming that the centre always seeks to develop students’ scientific and intellectual skills, motivating them to think critically and solve complex problems.

She also emphasised the importance of the student’s role in directing sustainable development paths and helping to face environmental problems in the world.

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