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The governing board of MES Indian School for 2017-19 has been sworn in. The new committee headed by President BM Siddique pledged to work for the enhancement of the existing facilities and to impart quality education.
"The newly elected members of the school board will strive to promote the long cherished tradition and closely guarded prestige of the institution and to ensure diversified learning experience to all its students," said Sidhique.
The members of the new Governing Board are BM Siddique (President), K Abdul Karim (Sr Vice-President), Anwar PK (Vice-President), PK Mohamed (General Secretary), Aneesh PA (General Secretary), Hazmal Ismail (Secretary) and AK Usman (Treasurer).
The directors of various committees are Ahamed Isham, Kashif Jaleel, Hashim NM, KP Abdul Azeez, Basheer Ahamed PT, Khaleel AP, Shafeer KK, Firos K, VV Mahmood and Subair KP.
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