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Qatar tribune

Passionate about hospitality experiences and determined to excite people with their innovative concept of sharing good food in a unique, energetic setting,

two entrepreneurs, Deem Albassam and Amal Al Marri, launched SALT in 2014.

SALT sprouted from humble beginnings in an Airstream trailer at Dubai Kite Beach, kickstarted by the #findsalt campaign onInstagram. This novel marketing ploy saw 100 salt shakers

distributed to people, who were then invited to share photographs of it in special circumstances. Salt is beyond a food truck, it’s a lifestyle movement shining light on the simple things that make the city a better place.

Each branch of SALT is meant to be a ‘destination’ that makes locals feel like tourists and tourists feel like locals. Just like the ingredient that elevates the flavor of a meal from bland to irresistible, SALT adds life, color and excitement to dull locations, creating an environment like no other. The two entrepreneurs launched a campaign called #findsalt where they tried to integrate the locals in the UAE on an activity that required them to find the airstreams placed in some obvious, but also unobvious locations.

Spurred on by its phenomenal success in Dubai and by the enthusiastic contributions and requests of Salters, SALT soon expanded to other cities – not only in the UAE, but across the borders into Saudi Arabia and beyond.

SALT’s success can be attributed not only to its delectable menu, but also to its focus on sustainability and community involvement. These efforts have not only allowed SALT to continue serving its loyal customer base, but have also attracted new customers and expanded its reach. The resilience and flexibility demonstrated by SALT have further solidified its position as a leading player in the region’s hospitality industry.

Together, Deem Albassam and Amal Al Marri founded INDPT – Independent Restaurants Management One Person Company LLC – a UAE-based hospitality company encompassing the brands Switch, Parker’s, Grind, Somewhere and Public, in addition to Find Salt LLC. Find Salt L.L.C. is the registered owner of the SALT Logo trademark depicted in this publication in Qatar under registration No. 95491.

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